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July 11 2008, 8:40 PM

During the course of our lives we will have learned countless and countless of lessons along the way. Some of us will learn the hard way and other will learn by watching those that are learning the hard way. I dont think we all learn just from one form. For example I learned from one of my friends that you shouldnt start rumors about yourself. That was a total disater for my friend. Bu my own accord I have learned to never stand right behind a horse because you never know when its going to kick.

Not all life lessons are bad. Some are good. Like for example I have learned through my years that "normal" doesnt really exist but thats the beauty of it. We need people that are "different" in our lives to help us open our minds. In today's time we are always worried about how we look or if we have enough money to makes you happy. Someone once shared a really good quote to live by which goes a little something like "count your blessings not your money."

I guess what I am trying to say is that think about everything you have learned in life and reflect on it. Dont let it go to waste. There must have been a reason why you were taught that lesson.

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